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Personal/text blog filled with lots of rambling, complaining, and various other side bobs. Never expect quality.

kittykittyhunter said: Ooh, please do post your AA adventures so that I can read them later. :D Have fun rage!

I’ll probably post something when I finish the first case! It’s been quite fun so far, trying to get used to some new aspects of it and squeeing over reappearing characters (and smacking people upside the head when they bully Apollo).

mon-qi said: I’m looking forward to you playing it! Tell us all about it!

Oh gosh you will definitely hear a lot about it from me… I think. |D

hirarisa said: ^^) Yayy! It fits so well! I’m glad to hear it’s comfy~!

It is utterly lovely and a great fit! As always you have an awesome eye for fashion. ;D On mild chilly days I can wear this on its own, and on really cold days I can wear something light underneath for extra warmth. It’s a really great piece. ♡

Today we had tradies in to check the smoke detectors and make sure they’re still working. Their lateness aside (which is a whole separate rant on how much I hate people who turn up late) their presence spooked Topaz - as expected - who ran off and hide under my brother’s blankets. Standard practice.

The tradies were supposed to come and go with plenty of time to spare before Topaz’s afternoon meal, but because they were almost an hour late they left just before she usually munches down on food. So I had a still frightened/hiding cat on my hands and a delayed meal for her. That was fine - I could wait until she came out of hiding on her own.

Not too long after, I hear the bells on her collar tinkle, and I remarked to my brother, “This is a good way to socialize Topaz! Invite strange people over close to meal times and her hunger will win over!”

Except she hadn’t quite emerged from the blankets just yet - she had only poked her head out. I got her meal ready and tempted her with it (it was really cute seeing her gaze follow the food but not quite wanting to leave the safety of the blankets just yet) but she eventually slunk out and ran after me when I went to her room/usual feeding area.

At that time I also said to my brother, “Now you know one trick of getting Topaz to stay in your room - strangers.”

But very soon after Topaz had slunk into her room to eat, I heard her bells jingling away rapidly, and I thought, “She’s done eating already? No way.”

And I was right. She hadn’t finished eating - she had taken the meat and run off to eat in my brother’s room! lmfao. She has never done this before, although I’ve heard of cats who like to grab their ‘prey’ (raw meat) and drag it elsewhere to eat. Topaz is normally quite neat and she has never ventured elsewhere to eat, she just sticks to where I tell her to have her meal and that’s that. Today though because we had people over, she probably felt spooked but still wanted to eat. The solution? Eat in my brother’s room, heh.

He had to strip off his bedsheets and stuff and put them in the wash. I tried to console him by saying, “Hey, at least she feels more comfortable eating in your room than mine.”

Also, I have purchased Ace Attorney 5 and I might be posting lousy camera photos of things that amuse me, so! please blacklist rage: AA5 if you don’t want to see it or

if you don’t have tumblr saviour or other blocking mechanism and don’t want to see it still, let me know and I’ll either take it elsewhere or put it under a cut.

Write down one thing you’re grateful for

24 April 2014

60. That my uncle sounded his usual self over the phone last night! Haven’t heard from him in a while, and last I knew he was dealing with workplace injustice and having his wisdom teeth taken out, he’s a lovely person and I love him so it’s good that he sounds like he’s doing much better. If he can take time off work, he says he’ll visit in June!

He says he doesn’t really like cats.

Ah. Just found out that my koi orbweaver might not pass the queue because they’re debating over the fish now - I totally forgot about the minipet rule?? that’s what I get for being away just a few months haha. Oh well. If it doesn’t pass I’ll just. dunno. either change the fish or use the pearl for Motochika I guess. I kind of liked the koi, but I really wanted the fishes inside in that specific pattern. hmm. How could I forget such a rule.

Okay I just saw this One Piece post on my dash and I have no idea what it is about really b/c I haven’t gotten that far in OP but but the comment.

"so he got his haramaki from a wallaby?"

and my first thought was



Write down one thing you’re grateful for

23 April 2014

59. Today I am grateful that it is almost the end of April - looking forward to the start of May so I can change my toothbrush head and wash my blankets/bed sheets. How domestic.

kittykittyhunter said: Do you ever wake up in the night and forget that it’s Topaz…? XD And man, I can’t wait to clear my queue. It feels kind of overwhelming sometimes.

Truthfully, no. XD In fact, at this point, it feels stranger without her - she’s always this warm fluffy bundle ready for a cuddle at night so I kind of miss it when she has a bit of a late night (busy looking out the window) and gets to my room later than usual. Thankfully, she’s usually pretty punctual for bed.

Clearing queue/drafts of tons of posts feels kind of refreshing, heh.

Going through my drafts on my main and putting into queue anything that I’ve tagged - AA5 will probably follow in a few days and I want to clear everything else that isn’t refs at the moment.

Topaz tried to wake me up today by sitting on my side (I was sleeping on my side and she sat on me, what a doofus I love her.) Unfortunately it backfired on her b/c I managed to keep on dozing and she ended up napping too. What a silly cat. At least she maintained her balance. Amazing.

Although I was woken in the middle of the night because she started attacking the drawstrings of my pants. So I tucked her against my tummy so she wouldn’t see the drawstrings. Ha.

kittykittyhunter said: Sounds like they’re pretty durable!

Yes, they are, and it’s lovely! My favourite pair to date. I hope this one lasts ages and ages so I don’t have to switch frames. ;;