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Personal/text blog filled with lots of rambling, complaining, and various other side bobs. Never expect quality.

Write down one thing you’re grateful for

16 April 2014

52. That I found the envelopes I was looking for. I could have sworn we bought a pack to use but couldn’t find them anywhere - it wasn’t until I returned a stack of books to the library that I realized they had been hiding underneath. Good thing I didn’t run out to buy more, as I’d been tempted to do. Hooray for saving every cent.

punanass said: mmmm i don’t really understand..? (i’m sorry i’m so slow orz)

Oh! Basically when you press the ‘Button’, you add one number to it, and so you’ve been ‘helpful’ in increasing the count (I’m assuming that number is how many people who have pressed the button for the same purpose?) So essentially you’ve been helpful somehow, which is kind of a cute way to show it.

HI I’m sure many of you have seen this ‘Help I need help’ website where it markets help remedies.

I clicked on ‘help I have no purpose’ and this box comes up with:

What? Is this the new number that is the answer to life, universe and everything, replacing 42? I didn’t understand. So I clicked the Button.


Saw this askbox meme floating around on my main tumblr dash but I am going to just answer this myself instead of reblogging it bahaha because I can’t remember the last time anyone sent me anything and I want to talk about MY FAVOURITE SEIYUU EVER.

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Write down one thing you’re grateful for

15 April 2014

51. That my 3DS and games arrived back yesterday safely! And Bruce moved out of my village. Oh well.

mon-qi said: what’s this it looks super cute!

It’s a fan-produced Basara anthology that was originally compiled to celebrate the announcement of SB4, I think? You can find the original post here.

x monqi x

kittykittyhunter said: I had a goofy experience with PayPal and I clean forgot to put in a preorder. Maybe next time?

Oh no. 8( If you’d like to read it, I can loan mine to you! After I’m done with it and everything. ;w;

kittykittyhunter said: It’s so cool that you have Aerie’s works IN PRINT I need to hermit on her blog again aaah

Did you not manage to order any?! D:

kittykittyhunter said: OH OH OH YOU GOT A COPY

kittykittyhunter said: cries It’s so cute!!

It really is! I had originally missed the deadline due to not having access to the internet, so when Canta noticed that I was wailing about it in my tags, managed to arrange for me to purchase a copy still. ;w; I WILL TREASURE THIS ANTHOLOGY FILLED WITH THE WORK OF TALENTED PEOPLE.

kittykittyhunter said: Well done rage!

Thank you Kitana! ;w;

hirarisa said: You can also try bundling some blankets to cushion your fall. That or tuck the blanket into the sides of the bed and put yourself inbetween so you can’t roll off.

O-only one blanket at the moment, and I can’t tuck it into the bed (not big enough) because I fold it in half so that it’s a bit warmer with two layers (it’s a tad cold in a single layer because I don’t have my doona with me!) Normally I have my little blanket tucked into the bed firmly, and then layer my doona over it (also tucked n) and it’s super comfy, but now I only have my blanket which I fold in half to make two layers for warmth, otherwise it’s too cold. T^T It’s inconvenient not having all your clothes and blankets with you! Haha.

But folding the blanket in half is a little annoying in its own way, if I lie down straight my feet poke out the end… but usually it’s OK because I curl up and go the sleep most of the time. 8) and then I fit marvellously because I go from short to tiny ball. ┐(‘~`;)┌

Write down one thing you’re grateful for

14 April 2014

50. That I’m halfway through. The first part seemed to take a long time but now I’m halfway though… have I really been doing this for a while 50 days already? Whoa. I know I haven’t skipped a day, so 50 days in a row is… that’s longer than NaNoWriMo.

kittykittyhunter said: You could roll onto the books? Maybe a hardback will catch your fall (or dent your skin oh man).

Ouch…! XD Fingers crossed I’ll be able to catch myself in time, falling onto a stack of books doesn’t sound too fun!

laute said: collectible cards…? o:

I’m not sure, I think they’re having some kind of Dreamworks collectible cards? My sister used to collect their animal cards (in a different promotion) so I thought maybe she’d like these too.