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Personal/text blog filled with lots of rambling, complaining, and various other side bobs. Never expect quality.

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Just wanted to talk about my rooms on ACNL for a bit.

1 - the room you see when you first enter the house. I originally wanted to decorate it the same as my room in City Folk but ended up changing it a little because I didn’t have the right furniture. Still, I like this room too, and it’s clearly influenced to (very loosely, only) imitate a Japanese room. I’m thinking of moving this room to either one of the external rooms when/if I make them, because it won’t work as the main room once I add external rooms (I’d have to move the hinaningyo, for starters).

2 - My upper floor. Currently I don’t have any major plans to increase its size because it’s meant to function as a cosy bedroom slash workspace (I wanted to put a typewriter on the editor’s desk but alas, it does not allow me to put items on it). Still looking for a chair that better fits the overall look of the room.

3 - This is clearly my music studio in the basement, and arguably my favourite room. I wanted to put a nod to Evangelion here somehow, I’ll have to see where best to put it, however. All (or most) of my musical instruments will be put here, because who doesn’t want a music studio in their basement.

4 - I rented out a room at the museum because my item slots were ALL FULL and having the hoarder tendency that I do, I had to make room by putting down more items. I fashioned this room as a part casual ‘office’ and part ‘dining’ - that is, visitors can utilise the tea sets and the chocolate fountain while sitting on the couch enjoying a modicum of privacy behind the screen. (◉◡◉)

After visiting a bunch of other people’s houses via the ACNL streetpass feature in Japan, I came to realize that I probably design my rooms based on how I would actually like to use the rooms in person. I value lots of space in rooms and houses and after a while I realized that my rooms were probably a lot more spacious than most in terms of items - not that there is a right and a wrong way to decorate, of course. I suspect it is also because of my inability to actually toss down lots of items and still make it appear neat - I have visited many houses in which there were tons of items in one room but despite that, they manage to make it all really neat and co-ordinated, and I kind of envied that. Frankly, I’m not really good at decorating, and neither do I have the patience to spend too long on it (purikura is a good example…) so I will just quietly admire their neat and orderly rooms.

If I add three external rooms to the ground floor, I’d probably turn one of them into a kitchen/dining space, another into a guest room space, and the last one into a bath - functionality even in a game, yes/no?

(Also look at my marvellous tan I have been outdoors for too long. |D)

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